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How Branded Content Helps SEO — and Tips for Giving It a Boost

Branded content can be a boon for brands of all sizes looking to drive awareness, credibility, and positive category association. Publishers can often generate more brand recognition and marketing ROI for than brands than they could ever hope to achieve on their own. In general, publishing off-site content (with links back to a target site) on authoritative websites improves your website’s inbound link profile substantially – which is still the #1 factor in SEO.

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Report: The State of Branded Content in 2018

At SimpleReach, our product runs off the world’s largest content data network of branded content publishers and brands. After doing a deep dive analysis of our entire dataset for 2017 comparing changes in the trailing twelve months of data from each month from January 2017 to December 2017, we discovered three major trends that are worth considering as you plan your future branded content strategies in 2018.

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Report: Emerging Trends in Branded Video for 2018

A massive shift to video is underway — and it’s not just the editorial side of the publisher house. Publishers’ branded content operations are also meeting them there. As the video space becomes more saturated, the question is: What can brands and agencies do to take advantage of this shift that that will engage their audiences? What works, what doesn’t, and what makes digital video so different from TV ads? To find out, we looked at the data.

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How to Use Data to Inform Your Content Strategy

Data should be a part of your content strategy from beginning to end. You have plenty of data available to you, but knowing how to use it means you can better optimize around your goals. Data will help you decide what content to produce and where to dedicate your resources. Like we’ve said before, distribution is key to any content strategy and data is crucial to extending your reach and earning new readers.

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Don’t Fall Victim to Content Marketers’ Biggest Problem

It’s only when you can justify the success of content marketing against your business goals that you’ll be able to secure additional budget and resources to expand content initiatives within the organization, so be sure measurement is part of your process. Documenting your strategy is one way to be more successful at measuring content marketing effectiveness, reports CMI, and it’s a solid best practice to follow.

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