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Though it was already running a sophisticated content marketing program, Intel was ready to take its distribution strategy to the next level. Luke Kintigh, Intel’s media and content strategist, turned to the SimpleReach platform for insights to make distribution more cost-effective and drive more traffic to its site, iQ by Intel.

Using SimpleReach, Luke and Intel's content role team was able to double average engaged time with content, increase social referrals by 12x, and generate 6x the page views. Here are three takeaways that will help you increase the return on your own content program:

1. You need real-time insights in order to be actionable

Kintigh told John McDermott at Digiday,  “We’ve always had tons of data, but the problem was frequency. It came in weekly reports. It was like the coach telling you everything you should do after the game.” Armed with our predictive and real-time analytics, Intel could see how much traffic and engagement each of its articles would drive and know which content to promote as soon as it started to trend.

2. Know that content is a game of winners

We’ve seen that 10 percent of content will drive 90 percent of traffic and engagement (what we’ve come to call the 10/90 rule), and you need to invest behind that 10 percent for optimal amplification. Says Kintigh, “We had hoped that every piece we create would perform well, and it’s just not true. It’s about finding that 10 percent as early as we can and then doubling down on it.”

3. Distribution is the key to a content strategy

Says Kintigh, “We have this mindset that content is king, but really distribution is more important.” Our intelligent distribution platform helped Intel identify the best-performing content early and alert the Intel team to be able shift spend in real time across channels like Facebook, Outbrain, LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola and Reddit to drive traffic. This flexible spend approach resulted in a drastically more efficient investment.

About the author:

Adam Orshan is a mild-mannered Product Marketing Manager at SimpleReach that tends to make somewhat obscure references.

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