Have Finance Companies Figured Out the Way to Consumers Hearts with Branded Video?

With finance companies increasing the percentage of their often billion dollar advertising budgets spent on owned and branded content, the team here at SimpleReach wanted to take a look at how finance brands are utilizing branded video to differentiate themselves from each other in the market.

To do so, we recently paired our proprietary branded content benchmarks data with Brandtale's Top 50 list of the most viewed branded content videos from financial brands over the last year May 2017 - April 2018 and then analyzed the strategy and tactics behind these videos to look for different patterns.

What publishers are financial brands teaming up with for branded content? What social platforms are they publishing on? Are they utilizing call to actions, logos, text?

The answers not only give us an idea of what works with finance branded video, but also illustrate what aspects of these videos all brands should emulate with branded video and where they may be able to improve.

The findings are illustrated in the below infographic.

As you can see in the infographic above, as financial brands look to differentiate themselves from other finance brands, food and entertainment publishers like Eater and Buzzfeed are winning branded content budgets over the more traditional business outlets when it comes to video. In fact, finance brands partnered with food and entertainment publishers nearly 60% of the time on top branded video content.

This was led by the Capital One branded content campaign with Eater (10 total videos) with a total of a somewhat astonishing 42,455,513 views! Capital One's campaign, which was used to promote its new Savor card, included videos such as How to Make Cotton Candy By Hand.

They weren't the only financial brands turning to food though. Bank of America teamed up with Bon Appetit for a branded food video that takes viewers across “Shanghai's neon-colored streets to find some of the best food in the city and so did Citi got help from Buzzfeed.

These food and entertainment mashups are enabling finance brands to capture more attention from consumers than brand peers in other categories.

Based on SimpleReach benchmarks, consumers are watching top finance branded video 16% longer compared with top branded video from other industries.

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