Making campaigns more successful (and less painful).

Running several multi-channel content campaigns at the same time makes for torturous tracking, analytics, and optimization. SimpleReach makes the job a whole lot easier, functioning as a one-stop-shop for all the data and insights you need to maximize a profitable campaign from start to finish.

One home for all data from every channel.

SimpleReach eliminates campaign chaos by bringing all the data you need to one place, from on-site as well as social. Check in on the real-time performance of any piece of campaign content you’ved created — including social video.

Whether you’re running two campaigns or 200, you can see the stats behind them all, no matter where they live.

Reporting made exponentially easier.

With all the data from all your campaigns under one roof, branded content reporting is simpler than it’s ever been. Export data cuts at any time to dive deeper into performance over a specific period and see trends and correlations.

Create and share dashboards with clients that prove performance across your sites and social channels, and eliminate the drudgery of regular reporting updates. No more hacking your web analytics exports into spreadsheet templates — SimpleReach does the work for you.

Actionable insights delivered to your virtual doorstep.

How can you optimize your campaign content right this very moment? The SimpleReach predictive score tells you which pieces of content are likely to take off so you can further amplify them to hit campaign goals.

And because uncovering worthy nuggets like these across every campaign would be a full-time job, SimpleReach monitors your campaign content 24/7—discovering insights, watching out for any unusual changes, and alerting you automatically via email.

Benchmarks that show where you shine.

Prove to existing and potential clients that you have a history of bar-beating performance by leveraging our benchmarks data — the world’s most robust collection of branded content metrics.

Highlight where you’ve surpassed the norm using concrete data that helps you win and retain business and score bigger budgets.


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"SimpleReach has been one of the building blocks of our program since we launched Re:think"

Sam Rosen

SVP Growth, The Atlantic

“Before working with SimpleReach, it was like having a coach tell you what to do after the game. Now we get insights in real time that are completely actionable.”

Luke Kintigh

Global Content + Media Strategist, Intel

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The Atlantic: Answering critical business questions with data

Discover how SimpleReach helped this renowned publisher prove its high-production content was worth the effort.

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