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Be confident in your content.

The SimpleReach Content Data Cloud helps brands, agencies, and publishers validate and improve the impact of their content marketing

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UPDATED APRIL 2018: SimpleReach Branded Content Benchmarks

SimpleReach Branded Content Benchmarks

Explore the world's most robust set of branded content metrics in an interactive tool

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Modern marketing teams create large volumes of articles and video to drive different outcomes across the buyer journey.

But this content lives in many places — multiple sites, social channels, and 3rd-party publishers — and performance data is fragmented and incomplete.

SimpleReach brings all your content data together, giving you a complete picture of every interaction that your audience has with your articles and videos from everywhere on the web, not just your own site.

Then, it uses predictive intelligence to help you identify the right content characteristics and right mix of distribution channels that drive the highest impact on marketing KPIs.

Improve the performance of articles and video on awareness, engagement, and conversions — all in one solution.

Get the insights needed to develop a data-driven content strategy that produces results.

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Tap in to the world's largest branded content network to optimize your client's campaigns.

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Join nearly every top publisher and accelerate your branded content program.

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