SimpleReach for Brands

Understand what content performs best and why.

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SimpleReach brings all your content data together into a single view of performance across all sites, social channels, and 3rd-party publishers.

Capture more content metrics from more sources than any other platform.

Measure awareness, engagement, and conversions on both owned and branded content, no matter where it's published.

Discover your unique content formula that drives ROI.

Let SimpleReach's automated alerts, intelligent insights, and easy-to-use data exploration guide you to better decisions.

10% of your content drives 90% of your returns. 

Using a unified view of content performance, SimpleReach's content data cloud surfaces intelligent insights that helps you identify your optimal content creation and distribution strategies.

Understand how to create better content, and use predictive scores to double-down on your highest performing channels in real time.

Make your content data actionable

SimpleReach's data integrations unlock the power of your content data to close the loop on performance. Understand the true impact of content in the buyer journey.

Track downstream conversions made by readers of your content.

Optimize your content for email signups, downloads, purchases, or any other type of conversion.

Enrich your marketing stack and reporting with content consumption data.

Improve targeting with more granular 
data of where prospects are in the buyer’s journey.

Benchmark your branded content against other companies.

Take advantage of the broadest data set in the industry to track, understand, and benchmark your branded content campaigns.

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