Branded content can be a boon for brands of all sizes looking to drive awareness, credibility, and positive category association. Publishers can often generate more brand recognition and marketing ROI for than brands than they could ever hope to achieve on their own.

In general, publishing off-site content (with links back to a target site) on authoritative websites improves your website’s inbound link profile substantially – which is still the #1 factor in SEO.

One of the core reasons for executing branded content is generating higher social traction than a brand could execute independently, which can potentially drive a downstream effect of other blogs and websites linking to your content.

3 Tips to Improve the SEO Power of Branded Content

While backlinks wield a great deal of SEO power, you can benefit even more from your branded content campaigns by taking some additional steps to plan ahead for SEO optimization.

  1. Incorporate a strong keyword strategy.

Just as focus keywords and long-tail keywords are critical for SEO on your own website, they’re also important for ensuring your branded content on a publisher’s site gets found in online searches.

In concert with the publisher, develop a keyword plan with research during the briefing process. an essential activity for setting that in motion.  

2. Seize the power of social media.

Although the precise correlation between ranking on Google and social signals is still elusive, most SEO experts agree a connection exists. Social signals have an impact on search engine optimization efforts through:

●      More extensive content distribution

●      Increased online visibility, authority and brand recognition

●      Increased traffic to your website

●      Longer content lifespan

●      Better local SEO performance

When working with publishers, always ensure you have a joint plan plan for sharing (and potentially putting additional promotional spend behind) your branded content on your own social media accounts to increase engagement and generate more social signals.

3. Involve a SEO expert early in the process. 

Achieving optimal SEO impact from your branded content requires a collaborative effort — not only between your content strategy team, agency, and publishers, but also with your internal or external SEO resource.

Often times branded content is strategized, briefed, and created in a media silo. Whether your SEO team resides in-house or you outsource the expertise, breaking down those walls and engaging your SEO partner in forming a strategy for your branded content development will help ensure that content is created to both hit campaign objectives and generate additional SEO benefit.

Branded Content and SEO: Integration is Key

Breaking down the silos between your in-house content and SEO strategy your media strategy is the key to getting the most SEO benefit from your branded content. Content, including branded content, needs SEO to rise above the noise and generate high ROI. And SEO needs exceptional content that strikes the right chord with consumers and search engines alike. The more branded content and SEO activities align, the more successful outcomes your brand will experience. 

Author bio: Dawn Mentzer is a contributing writer for Straight North, a leading SEO company in Chicago that provides a full suite of Internet marketing services. As a solopreneur and freelance writer, she specializes in marketing content — and collaborates with clients nationally and globally.

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